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About time: Pixel Watch is finally announced by Google


Have you been watching the clock? We now know what the Pixel Watch looks like

It is here, sort of. Google has, finally, announced the Google Pixel Watch at Google I/O 2022.

It has a circular watch face and has a physical round crown-like button that you'd see on Apple watch on the right hand side of the watch. You will be able to swap watch straps among Google's proprietary ones which we expect will be released when the Pixel Watch goes on sale, as you're not able to pre-order it yet.

It will run on Google's Wear OS 3. There are already smartwatches running Wear OS but this is the first smartwatch made by Google that is running it.

Like smartwatches from other big players in the market (Apple and Samsung), you can purchase a cellular version of the watch so your wrist remains connected when your phone runs out of battery or leave it behind and like Apple and Samsung's cellular smartwatches, you will need to buy another data plan for this from a carrier, which will cost extra. Your phone and Pixel Watch will need to be on the same carrier, too.

Pixel Watch will be able to pair with Google's Pixel line of phones as well as other Android phones. You will not be able to connect Pixel Watch to an iPhone, though.

As yet, we do not know how much Pixel Watch will cost as no price has been released yet. You cannot pre-order yet, either. On Google's Store, there is only the option to be notified of the availability of the watch. Pixel Watch will launch in the Autumn.

As it is a Google product, you'll get Google Assistant built-in and as Fitbit is now under the Google roof, all the health and fitness will be delivered by Fitbit. Useful if you have owned a Fitbit in the past and like the data it provides.

We don't know much else about the Pixel Watch at the moment as Google have not published details of available colours, if the watch will be available in different sizes and so on but e will have more on the Pixel Watch when it launches and when the information is announced.

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Main image credit: Google Press Corner Source: Google



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