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Netflix launches new subscription plan, alongside existing plans, supported by adverts

Netflix Logo on Smartphone
Netflix (Image source: Pixabay)

Netflix has added a new plan to its existing offerings which is supported by adverts

Streaming service Netflix already has three plans, 'Basic', 'Standard' and 'Premium', but has added another one to the mix: 'Basic with adverts'.

How much does the new plan cost?

The 'Basic with adverts' plan costs £4.99 in the United Kingdom is it aimed to be a cheaper offering for those who want to retain access to Netflix's range of films, TV shows and original shows, at a lower price. Ultimately, this is Netflix's attempt at trying to keep subscribers paying, which will stop people from leaving the service, or going elsewhere to look for a cheaper alternative.

Netflix's 'Basic' plan, which does not include advert breaks, was the cheapest price the company offered before the 'Basic with adverts' plan was introduced. The 'Basic' plan costs £6.99 per month, whereas the most expensive 'Premium' plan costs £15.99 per month and the 'Standard' plan, which sits between 'Basic' and 'Premium' costs £10.99 per month.


If you opt for the 'Basic with adverts' plan, Netflix say you can expect to see four to five minutes of adverts, on average, per hour and to help target the adverts for the subscriber, Netflix will ask for the subscriber's date or birth and gender information when signing up for the plan.

What does the 'Basic with adverts' plan get you?

If it is something that interests you, hopefully this information will, too.

As we've already mentioned, the plan costs £4.99 in the United Kingdom. It costs $6.99 in the United States. Netflix say the video quality will be 'Good', which will have a resolution of 720p, which is the same resolution as the 'Basic' plan. You'll be able to watch Netflix on your TV, mobile device and computer but you will not be able to download contact to watch offline or on the go if you chose this plan. All other Netflix plans offer the ability to download programmes, movies and TV shows to your device for offline viewing. The other point to note, which Netflix mentions on their website is: "Basic with adverts has a limited number of films and TV programmes unavailable due to licensing restrictions. Some location and device restrictions also apply."

'Basic with adverts' also gives you access to Netflix games without any adverts. These are the free games available to download and play on iOS devices and Android phones & tablets through the Netflix app.

Like with all other Netflix plans, there is a 'Children's' profile available on the 'Basic with adverts' plan and adverts will not be shown on Kids profiles.

You can sign up to the new 'Basic with adverts' plan, here.

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