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Streaming: Samsung TV Plus - free TV streaming on your Samsung Galaxy device

Samsung TV Plus
Samsung TV Plus

No payments, no sign-ups and no subscriptions

In April 2021, Samsung announced a popular app on some Samsung Smart TVs, 'Samsung TV Plus', is now available on select Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets via the app.

The 'Samsung TV Plus' app can be installed for free from the Galaxy Store (only available on Samsung devices) and the Google Play Store.

Samsung Newsroom UK say: 'The app offers select Galaxy users instant access to 94 free channels with no need for any payments, sign-ups, subscriptions or additional devices.'

After opening the app once it has installed, you're greeted to a short video promoting some of the programmes available to watch on the service, you then accept the terms and conditions and you are then able to watch one of the many channels on offer.

There are UK TV shows to watch such as Channel 5's GPs: Behind Closed Doors and Police Interceptors. There are music video channels like 'Vevo Pop', cooking channels showing 'Hell's Kitchen', news channels and sport channels showing tennis, rugby and more.

The app shows you what is currently being broadcast at the moment in time and what's on next on channels when your phone is in portrait mode and when placing your phone in landscape mode, you'll get a fullscreen video of the channel.

When something is free there is normally a small catch. This is the case with Samsung TV Plus. Every so often there are adverts on channels. Most of the adverts are advertising other TV shows, and on the channels we watched when testing out Samsung TV Plus, they're the same adverts over and over. Thankfully, there aren't that many.

If you're on the move or at work and want to find something to watch when you've got a few minutes and you own a Samsung Galaxy device, why not download 'Samsung TV Plus' and give it a go yourself. Who knows, you may discover an old favourite on there that you can't stop watching.

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Main image credit: Samsung Newsroom



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