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Hi there Nokia:Is this a new Tablet we see? Yes, the Nokia N1!

Thought it would be the end of Nokia? No, The latest Lumia may have the Microsoft branding on it but, Nokia has come back with a bang! With what could be a big game changer in the Tablet Market, yes, the've made a new (and rather cool looking) tablet! Read on for more!

The tablet was announed yesterday morning (18/11/14) and, from looking at some pictures of the new tablet, it looks pretty good but, the big question is, can it deliver? Well, lets have a look at some of the features the N1 has pcked in! Its also running on the latest version of Android, Lollipop!

The Nokia N1 Tablet (Image courtesy of Nokia)

Well from the picture above, you may think it looks a little like the Apple iPad Mini as people have been saying in news comments and social websites and feeds. The charging slot looks a little like the Lightning charger of an iPad Mini too! Now we see where people are getting their veiws from!

The N1 comes with the Nokia Z Launcher and and its meant to make the Home Screen simple, you can scribble a letter on the screen, for example, L, and results will pop us such as Linkedin, if you have it on your device, Google results will also show. Also claims to be thin and light, just like iPad Mini and Air.

Want the specs? Here they are:

The tablet is quick, thanks to a 64-bit Intel quad-core processor and also has an aluminum finish too.

Nokia isn't making the hardware for the tablet, instead, its using manufacturing partner in Taiwan, Foxconn.

2GB RAM and 32GB of storage. Thats a lot to store pics, music, vidoes, apps and more!

The front and rear cameras also have great megapixels at 5MP on the front, which is good for a tablet and 8MP on the back!

The price, well, its cheap! At £159! Great!

More news soon!



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