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App Review (App of the Day) - Snapchat! UPDATE! Chatting in the App! - Snap & Chat All in The Same A

Here's an update about Chatting in the Snapchat App!

Welcome to our App Review/App of The Day! We'll be briefly reviewing Apps and telling you what Apps you should be downloading to your device!

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Today the App is..... Snapchat - Update - Chatting in Snapchat!

Here's a little update on our Snapchat review! You can now chat in the app! Yes, you read right, you can chat to your freinds on Snapchat!

Here's how!

1. Launch the Snapchat app.

2. Swipe to the left or press the button in the corner.

3. Tap any of the contacts you see in the list.

4. Then, swipe left to chat!

5. Enjoy!

Hope you find this useful!

Best of all, Snapchat is avaliable on both Android and Apple (iOS) Devices! Download now from the Apple App and Google Play Stores and get playing!

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