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App Review (App of the Day) - Sky Sports (Check results on the move)

Welcome to our App Review/App of The Day! We'll be briefly reviewing Apps and telling you what Apps you should be downloading to your device!

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Today the App is..... Sky Sports!

Have you ever wanted to check fixtures and results of your favourite teams and the lastest news as well on the move? Well, the wait is over because now you can using Sky Sports!

The app is both for Apple (iOS) and Android uses (Google Play).

The app allows you to get the lastest news about clubs and the players! Also it allows you to check where your club is in the Barclays Premier league.

You can check to see where other clubs that are not in the Barclays Premier league are by going on to fixtures and results and then click on the drop down menu. The app also tells you if the game has finshed on the page fixtures and results.

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