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Turn These Annoying Nags on iOS 10 Off!

Latest OS from Apple: iOS 10

Apple iPhones, iPods and iPads will now be running iOS 10, the latest release of iOS. If yours isn't, you can install it via Settings

We've found some features and settings that you might want to turn off. Here they are:

1. Rise to Wake

Before iOS 10 hit devices, you had to press the Home or Power (Sleep/Wake) buttons to "wake" your iPhone up. In iOS 10, however, when you lift your phone up or open a phone case, the screen lights up for you.

If battery life is important for you: turn this off!

Go to Settings > Display and Brightness > turn Wise to Wake off.

2. Unlocking with Home (that's the Home Button we're talking about)

"Slide to Unlock" - everyone remembers this but now it's a thing of the past. Luckily, you can get it back. Here's how to get the good old days back when you rest your finger on Home button instead:

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button > now tap "Enable Rest Finger to Unlock". Simple!

3. "Storage Full"

Everyone's worst nightmare: no more space left! Don't panic: goodbye pop-ups:

In Settings > iCloud > Backup. Turn iCloud Backup off.

Sorted. Now you can enjoy iOS 10.

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