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Get ready to be locked into Edge browser on Windows 10

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Everyone has there fave choice of browser they use: Google Chrome, Firefox, or the new browser from Microsoft: Edge. But all this is about to change.

In Windows 10, use can still use Internet Explorer as well, if you really want too. Since 10 hit our devices, IE has been faded out, Microsoft Edge has popped up in its place.

Edge is meant to be friendly on whatever Windows 10 device you use, like tablets, computers and even if you still have a Microsoft Lumia phone running Windows 10.

What's happening?

There are going to be some brand new Surface tablets soon, as well as a cheaper version of Windows 10. This version will be (as we see it), for students and people in education: College or University, for example.

This is all well and good, but something has changed. Above, we mentioned that everyone uses a browser of choice and in the latest update, Windows 10 S, that will all be taken away.

Get ready for Chrome and any other browser you use to make its way to the Recycle Bin as Windows 10 S only lets you use the Microsoft Edge browser. This isn't good. Not everything is support by Edge as it is still kinda new. Chrome and other ones support many things (plug-ins and websites) and can be faster and more user-friendly then Edge.


What are application testers and developers going to do? What if you need to test a website or new plug-in for a browser? It looks like this may no longer be the case. Although, you could always use and older version of Windows to get around this.

Is it time to settle for a Mac? You decide - let us know!

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