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Google's upgraded sign in is here

New sign-in page for Google | News | Tech |

Google's new sign-in page is now here. Read on to find out what's changed

A few days ago, we told you of a brand new Google sign in. It's now here.

Take a look at the above image: it's the new look.

What has changed?

Good question. The new look sign in will now look the same across mobiles, smartphones, computers and tablets. This now makes it easier to sign-in as you'll know what you're doing.

The page has a simple look and is cleaner than before, with less going on in the background.

Selecting the "More options" button allows you to create a new account. The forgot email feature allows you to enter any recovery phone number or email that is linked with your account. You can request help from Google, too. The last option in the list allows you to sign into a device, with your Google account, that isn't yours.


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What is the same?

Sign in process is still the same. You can still sign in with your email address, phone number and password once you've pressed the blue "next" button.

You can still sign in to the same Google services as before: YouTube, Photos and Drive, for example.

If you cannot see the new sign-in, you may be using an old version of a browser or you have turned off JavaScript.

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