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How To: Add your current location to photos

Adding your location to photos

We love this feature. If you've been to a place you love, and want to remember the name, or just so you can visit that placed again when you feel like it.

When you first enable your location when using the camera app, it will ask if you want to turn location on. When you enable this feature, Location serves will turn on automatically. Give it a minute or two, as it may take a while to locate your location.

When you take a load of images, the photo app will state the location of a set of images at the top, so you know where those photos were taken. It will also add in more then one location as well.

If you want to know the location of a certain snap: tap the photo, select the three dots "..." (or whatever it's called on your device), then tap "Details" from the menu, it will then bring up a map with that location, the place, including a postcode (or ZIP code).

That's it! All done. Happy tagging!

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