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Login into Facebook using the Recent Logins feature

Facebook Recent Logins feature | Tech | Hartley Productions |

This new Facebook feature allows you to log into Facebook with one simple click.

If you log into Facebook on the Web, you may have noticed something a little different when you login into the popular social media website.

If you have logged into the site via, then logged out, and return to the site again, you now have the option to click your profile picture and log in using your password. That's it: simple.

And if you opt for the "keep me signed in", but log out, just click your pic and you'll log in.

You can remove your profile picture from the list, by clicking the small cross 'X', in the top left hand corner. Keep in mind that even if you have removed your picture from the list, the next time your log in and out, your picture will show up again.

The more profiles that have logged in your that particular computer, the more pictures you will see.

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