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Streaming service Netflix is trailing adverts in between shows

Netflix's idea might just be a very bad one

US streaming service, Netflix, is testing a new feature with a slect group of subscribers, and we've heard that some people aren't happy.

After the month free trail, you had to pay a monthly fee to the peeps at Netflix in order to watch films and TV programmes on-demand when you want.

At the moment, Netflix is testing something with a select group of subscribers so that it's all kept under control. This new change is somewhat of a first for Netflix, as it's adding in adverts in between programmes and episodes.

We guess in a way you can take some comfort in the fact that the adverts are showcasing other programmes that are available to streaming on Netflix, and not third party ads about the latest iPhone, for example.

Of course, because you're paying a subscription to Netflix, you'd not be getting any adverts. This is the main appeal of the service and it's whats going to drag people in to sign-up in the first place.

It's not like the free version of Spotify, for example, where you get adverts. However, if you upgrade your Spotify account, you don't get any adverts at all.

One person's got the same idea as us! It does, in a way, defeat the subscription.

Netflix say the conduct "hundreds of tests every year so we can better understand what helps members more easily find something great to watch". Netflix do say that any subscriber can skip a video preview if they're not interested in it.

There was a test that did go well a few years ago, however. Video previews were introduced to the TV version of Netflix. It is supposed to help members spend less time looking for titles, movies and TV programmes and help them find something they'd like to watch faster.

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