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Are you ready for the Apple Event tomorrow?

The Apple Event is tomorrow. Are you ready?

The annual event that Apple call the Apple Event is tomorrow, and the first ever trillion dollar company is set to unveil thee new iPhone.

I'll take place at Apple's California campus. And CEO Tim Cook will be hosting the event. Those in the UK can watch the Keynote at 6PM.

There's no question that the almost all screen iPhone X has gone down a treat with Apple fans, even though it has that huge price tag attached to it. We're sensing that the iPhone X may soon drop in price, following the expected release of its replacement.

iPhone X

There are reports of a larger style iPhone X to launch, a little bit like the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and so on.

A cheaper version of the iPhone X could also be true. Who remembers the iPhone 5c? We thought, and still do think, that this was a great product as it gave those on a smaller budget and who didn't want to fork out a load for the Apple brand and the iOS experience. It's a shame the device is now end-of-life.

The said, smaller version of the X, could be named the iPhone XC. Kind of keeping in with the iPhone 5C when it was released, along with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

It would be a wise move for Apple to be bringing back a phone that attracts those with a mid-range device in mind that easy on the wallet. Samsung, a huge rival to Apple, have been doing this for sometime with their J and A range of smartphones and tablets - both at a great price point, with the benefit of some premium features.

Apple Watch

Its been on the cards, right? A new Apple Watch could be unveiled by Apple bosses and CEO Tim Cook.

Leaks suggest a bigger and bolder battery life, a slightly larger screen and the possibility of it having a higher waterproof rating, just in case you drop it in the loo...

If you think about it, again, rival Samsung have released the new and good-looking Galaxy Watch - in both 42mm and 46mm sizes. Both boasting better battery life then the current Apple Watch.

Later on in the year, the Galaxy Watch will be getting an upgrade, where you'll be able to use the watch with cellular data with a 4G SIM card. It'll be first brought out on the EE network. Just like Apple did with the Apple Watch last year. We expect it will cost at least £50 more than the Bluetooth-only option, although official pricing has not been confirmed yet.

Other devices

Could the iPad Pro get an update? The iPhone X has facial-recognition, could a new iPad Pro model be shipped with it?

Everyone loves power. Power drives you to spend more, and be more active on your phone, so you can beat your Candy Crush score. Last year, Apple's wireless charging solution came into play: AirPower. Could that get a fresh upgrade? Maybe it can charge more devices then before?

AirPods are another product to look out for. The handy charging case comes in a wide range of colours, so you can mix it up. Whilst this isn't really a big deal, and we don't think a new line of colours will be added, (we could be wrong), the case might come with some more juice.

Currently, the charging case only holds enough charge for one full charge of your AirPods, and then you'll have to put that on charge, and the cycle continues. Could a newer AirPod case be the start of Apple's Event that brings more power, so you can do two, or even three full charges?

Tomorrow is the big day! We're be bringing you all the best bits from the Apple Event and all the latest news about the devices that will be released hot off of the press!

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