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More than 70 new Emoji come to Apple devices on iOS 12.1

New emoji arrive on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch soon

For all those emoji lovers out there, this is the post for you. Apple have said that more than 70 new emoji are expected to launch very soon on Apple devices in the latest iOS update: iOS 12.1.

These new emoji will arrive on iPhone, iPad, Mac and even Apple Watch when the new iOS and watchOS update is installed.

The great news is the iOS 12.1 can be installed on your iPad and iPhone now and macOS Mojave can be installed right now from the Mac App Store. To download macOS Mojave, head over to the Mac App Store.

If you have automatic updates enabled on your iPhone or iPad, you'll get a notification when the latest update is ready to be installed. Make sure your device has at least 50% battery and is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

If you update manually, head over to the Settings app to see if you have the iOS 12.1 update. Go to: Settings > General > Software update

The new emoji in the latest macOS, watchOS and iOS updates include: characters with red / ginger hair, curly hair, grey hair and there is a new emoji for those of us who are bald, too.

More new emojis include a red envelope, moon cake, a skateboard and frisbee,

New animal emojis are on the improved emoji keyboard on iOS. There is now a mosquito, swan, raccoon and llama! Those join the already existing beautifully, peacock and parrot.

Foodies can relax too as a new salt shaker, bagel and cupcake with multi-coloured sprinkles join the lineup.

As far as future emojis go, Apple already have plans in place to include even more. Apple say that all emoji that are created are approved in Unicode 11.0 and Apple are working with Unicode to add more disability-themed emoji in Unicode 12.0, which will hopefully be released in 2019.

You can read more about the all new emoji in iOS 12.1 here.

The above screenshot was taken from the emoji keyboard in iOS 12.1.

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