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Apple resumes production of iPhone X due to weak sales of XS and XS Max models

iPhone X is making a return

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the production of new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are weaker than Apple thought.

Last year's iPhone X was discontinued by Apple this year when the latest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were released, following its Special Event in September this year.

There seems to be an agreement made by rival Android phone maker Samsung to purchase (buy) a quantity of OLED screens for iPhone. And The Wall Street Journal's (WSJ) report seems to think that not enough are being purchased to make the deal worthwhile.

Because iPhone X is last year's model, it's though that it'll be cheaper to make and produce, which is why Apple are turning back to it as an attempt to create a solution to the problem.

At the moment, if you check out Apple's website from any angle (we've checked out the UK and US store), you can only purchase the iPhone X from "authorised resellers". There is currently no option to purchase the year old device from Apple Store, or its website. This could however change if there're brought back onto the production line.

It is also though, that the new, cheaper and budget like, iPhone XR is also being hit hard with sales. This news also comes amid claims that Apple has cut to lower numbers of production for the new iPhone, as not enough models are selling.

For a budget friendly option, last year's iPhone X is still available to buy (and also features the Home button, which was dropped from iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR). Another reason to buy the iPhone 8 is because has been priced cheaper than the iPhone XR.

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