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Aqua model of the Google Home Mini is here a whole month late than planned

Google Home Mini is now available in new aqua colour

Before all the newer generations of the original Google Home were released, you were able to remove the speaker grille, allowing you to change the colour of your Google Home. You can now no longer do this because when the Google Home Mini was released, the grille changing feature was taken away, due to the Google Home Mini being ultra small and portable.

The Google Home Mini is a small smart-speaker made by search-engine giant, Google. Other products in this range include: Google Home, Google Home Mini and the Google Home Hub.

According to to website Android Police, the latest colour addition, Aqua, is now being shipped in the US, and can be brought via the Google Store online.

The other colours still remain and can still be purchased. These colours are: grey, black and coral.

Make sure that you are happy with the colour of your Google Home Mini before you go ahead and purchase one as you can no longer change the colour of its grill.

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