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Did Alexa stop working in the UK on Christmas Day?

It appears that was the case

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and didn't eat too much...

The chances are, somewhere, someone, and many people were unwrapping Alexa-powered presents on Christmas Day. And for people that already own Alexa products, they may have got you out of bed using the alarm feature, or you could've been asking it what the time was.

The response you could've been getting was "Sorry, I don't understand". Or "Sorry, try again later".

We tested this by saying various messages and trying to get Amazon's Alexa to turn on and power up some smart products, such as plugs and lights. Her response: "Sorry, [device name] is not responding right now. Try again later".

Checking the outage heat map on website Down Detector, it appeared that the outage was mostly in Germany and the UK, amongst other areas in Europe, too.

Some users Alexa product were working fine when we checking in with a few. Some of ours still were not working yesterday when we tried.

It appears that there was not an outage in the US.

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