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How to: Disable FaceTime on your iPhone, iPad and Mac

Learn how to turn off FaceTime on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Yesterday, we reported on the huge bug that's affected Apple users, especially those with iPhone and iPad devices, which run on the iOS platform.

One of the first news outlets to discover and publish an article on this pressing were the team over at 9to5mac - who reported that users who contacted you over the FaceTime app could snoop in on your conversations, and even spy on you, using the front facing camera, even if you didn't accept or pick up your Apple device.

This also effected those who own a Mac, Apple's popular notebook and laptop range, running the newest version of macOS: Mojave.

Apple have addressed this issue by disabling the Group FaceTime feature. You've probably seen the various adverts advertising the newest FaceTime feature for the past few weeks.

This huge security worry was first discovered by the technology giant on January 29 2019 and is still ongoing, according to Apple's status page. All other services are operational.

Disable FaceTime on Mac

1. Open the FaceTime application

2. Select 'FaceTime" in the top left hand corner

3. Click the option stated "Turn FaceTime off"

Disable FaceTime on iPhone or iPad

1. Open the 'Settings' app

2. Scroll through the list until you see 'FaceTime'

3. Select the 'FaceTime' option

4. Toggle off the green button, located at the top, and FaceTime will be disabled

You can, of course, turn FaceTime back on whenever you wish to, and turn it off whenever suits. We'll update you with further developments, should there be any and will post further updates for when this privacy issue has been resolved.

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