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Microsoft 365 services were down today - service has now been restored

It would have been a busy day in the office if you worked at Microsoft

There wasn't much company IT admins could do this morning, as the problem was down to Microsoft, you'd just be repeating the same sentence every minute: 'Yes, it's down for everyone'.

Microsoft 365 services were down for most of the morning today, meaning users couldn't log into or access almost any Microsoft 365 service, including Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Office online, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Power Bi and even the Microsoft Admin Center, a place where IT pros would have been notified of the outage.

The outage seemed to be hit and miss for some people though as some were able to access the Microsoft Teams service, for example, with their status showing as 'Offline', whereas other people couldn't access it at all.

Microsoft tweeted, and published on the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, at around 07:30am this morning to say they are 'We're investigating issues impacting multiple Microsoft 365 services.'

As the morning went on, the Microsoft 365 Admin Center could be accessed for status updates and Microsoft continued to publish updates on Twitter. At around 08:15am Microsoft 'identified a potential networking issue and are reviewing telemetry to determine the next troubleshooting steps.'

Microsoft then 'rolled back a network change' they 'believe' was 'causing impact' at 09:26am and rolled back the change.

In the afternoon at about 02:30pm, Microsoft shared another update confirming 'the impacted services have recovered and remain stable.'

Microsoft said the global outage was caused by a change that was made on its WAN (Wide Area Network).

Now we can all get back to work. Sorry, if we didn't say it, your boss would've.

Today is another example of how businesses and individuals rely on big technology companies like Microsoft to keep them connected in the online world and there's not much we can do when systems go down. Apart from having another cup of tea.

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