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BMW introduces subscription for heated front seats in the UK

BMW 4 Series
BMW 4 Series (Image source: BMW)

Car maker BMW has introduced a subscription to pay for heated front seats in the UK

Take a seat. Would you like it heated? You'll have to pay for that.

We didn't see it coming either.

You have had to subscribe to some BMW connected services for some time now but heated front seats is the latest subscription the German motor company has introduced.

If you subscribe for a feature, it is activated remotely meaning you do not need to visit a dealership. Subscription packs can be purchased from BMW's online store 'ConnectedDrive'.

Taking a look at BMW's online store for 'Front Seat Heating', you a have a 1 month trial for free. One month will cost £15.00, 1 year is £150.00, 3 years is £250.00 and the 'Unlimited' option is £350.00.

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