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EE launches 'Smart Plans' that are personal to you

EE mobile network to offer 'Smart Plans' to customers
EE mobile network to offer 'Smart Plans' to customers

EE are creating Smart Plans that suit your needs

Phone networks are always competing to get your business and your money. One of the latest mobile network, VOXI, owned by Vodafone gives younger mobile users unlimited data for social media apps, such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat.

EE have now jumped onto this train and have created what they call 'Smart Plans', for its pay monthly customers and these plans will be personal to you, which we think is a great touch from a large mobile network provider.

These new plans will offer benefits that users can swap between so you get the right plan for you. You'll be able to pick, choose and swap your benefits via the My EE app, which should come pre-installed from phones brought directly from EE and it can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store on Android devices.

At the time of writing this, the 'Smart Plans' contracts are only available for device contracts (for example, when you purchase a device from EE).

In a statement, EE have mentioned that customers who take out these new personal plans can get extended warranties on their devices, including the option to upgrade to a brand new device whenever suits them, there are many other perks too.

You can swap out different plans whenever you want, which other service providers don't offer yet.

Here are some of the services and benefits that the new EE 'Smart Plans' offer:

- EE Video Pass: this gives you unlimited streaming other video and TV services, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, BT Sport, MTV (Music Television) and the BT Sport app which means you can stream and watch a verity of sport related games.

- EE Music Data Pass: provides unlimited music from services including Tidal, Dezzer and Apple Music. As yet, we're unsure if Spotify is included. If it isn't at the moment, we are guessing it'll be included in the future.

- Roam Further Pass: appeals to those that travel up and down the word and everywhere else in between. It'll give you access to UK plan allowances in Canada, the USA, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia.

These plans are not available to SIM-Only customers, only to pay monthly customers.

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