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Facebook Messenger is coming to your computer later this year

Facebook Messenger Logo | Messenger is coming to your computer later this year
Facebook Messenger

You'll soon be able to use the service on your desktop and laptop

If you're one of the many people across the world who uses Facebook Messenger, it's soon coming to your desktop PC and laptop.

The social media company, Facebook, has announced it'll be bringing its Messenger service, which is currently available as a free app on your smartphone, to your computer: in the form of applications both both Windows and Mac. This will be happening later on in the year, according to Facebook at its developer conference today.

This will be a stand-alone Facebook Messenger dedicated application. Think of it a little like WhatsApp Web, or their desktop version, in which your phone still needs to be connected to the internet for it to work.

Like WhatsApp Web, Facebook Messenger has its own web version of the popular smartphone app, which can be accessed at The good thing about this, though, it that your mobile phone doesn't need to be connected, as you can log in with your Facebook account username, mobile number, email address and password.

It's suggested you'll be able to create a message groups of people and make audio and video calls to those on the platform, just like you can on Facebook Messenger's apps on iOS and Android.

When Messenger for your desktop and laptop launches later in the year, we'll be posting more news and content about it, so watch this space!

As well as the social networking website, Facebook also own other social services and apps, including photo-sharing app Instagram and the SMS replacement service and app: WhatsApp.

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