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Fortnite map blown up to mark the end of season 10

Black hole on Fortnite marks the end of season 10

Fortnite island have been blown up to mark the end of season 10

If you're a Fortnite fan, you'll know you're currently unable to play the popular online game and battle with your friends, meaning you'll have to find something else to do for the time being.

When loading up the map, you'll just be seeing a huge black hole, that's thanks to a huge asteroid that blew up.

At the moment, all of Fortnite's (which is owned by Epic Games) social media accounts, including its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account are just showing an image of the black hole. All of the profile pictures have just been changed to a simple black background.

Fortnite's Twitter account @FortniteGame is just live streaming the black hole and has been doing so for the past 24 hours. It's had over 19K views. Its website is also providing the same live stream.

Players who were battling it out with friends online could see a countdown timer appear on the screen above the rocket at 'Dusty Depot'.

In Fortnite, players can fight individually or as part of a team to be the last person standing on the virtual battlefield that's created. The maximum player limit is 100.

It is currently unknown when season 11 will be available to play.

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