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Instagram brings Direct Messages to its website


You can now start reading and replying to DMs from Instagram's website

It's a lovely New Year's surprise from the boffins at Instagram, which is owned by Facebook.

They posted on their official @instagram Twitter account on 14 January that they're "...currently testing Direct messaging on the web, so you can read and reply to your messages from wherever you are."

At the moment, it's only in the testing phase, so not everyone will have access to respond and read their Instagram Direct Messages, or DMs, as it's more commonly known.

Just like how DMs work on Instagram's mobile app, you'll be able to send and reply to messages from people and accounts, start and compose new conversations as well as create groups. To like a message, simply, double tap (well, click), just like you would on the app.

You'll be able to receive desktop notifications for if you get a new direct message, just make sure notifications are enabled for your browser and the Instagram site.

Another feature which we like the sound of and cannot wait to try is the ability to share photos you have stored on your computer and desktop. This is great if you don't have certain photos saved to your phone.

To see if you're part of the test group, log into Instagram's website on your laptop or desktop and you'll be able to tell if you are in the testing group or not.

There's currently no word for if or even when Instagram DMs for desktop will be rolled out to everyone but when there is, keep it Hartley Productions as we'll let you know.

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