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Instagram hides likes on posts in new experiment


Instagram are hiding likes on some posts as part of a new test

At the moment, anyone who uses the photo-sharing app Instagram can see how many users have liked a post and who has liked them.

In a new trail, that's being held for users in a number of countries, including Japan, Australia and Ireland, you'll be shown one person's username that has liked the post and then you'll see 'and others' and not a count of how many people have liked the post - like you can at the moment.

The good thing is for those who like to check their post count, if you post something, you will still be able to see the like count and who's like your post, Other people won't.

If the like count is taken away, there's a feeling it'll make its users feel better about themselves as they won't have to be concerned and worried about if their posts are more popular than others.

We think this is a great step as Instagram are looking out for its users, especially the younger generation who use the platform and it is a positive step to protect people's mental health and wellbeing.

Instagram have told BBC News that the change still does mean that users 'can still see the list of people who liked other people's content by clicking into it.'

When and if it hits the UK, we will welcome the change and will look forward to testing it out.

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