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macOS Big Sur sees the return of the Apple Mac's startup chime

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It hasn't been around since 2016

Apple remove the Mac startup chime from all models from early 2016, so no chime played when you booted your Mac up. Well, all apart from the 2017 13-inch MacBook Air, for some reason.

Now though, with the announcement of Apple's latest version of MacOS (Big Sur) which is coming soon, they've brought the startup chime back.

It features in the developer version of macOS Big Sur, for those who has downloaded it and Apple also played it at their WWDC keynote event this week too.

It has also been suggested that system sounds for macOS Big Sur have been changed and redesigned and those that have been using Macs since for a long while should recognise some of the sounds from earlier versions of macOS.

Within Big Sur, you should also have the option to disable the boot chime, should you not want to hear it, under System Preferences. To see the startup chime in action, in case you've missed it, click the text 'System Preferences in this article. It also mentioned you may have the option to disable it.

9to5Mac reported that you're able to bring back the startup chime using a simple terminal command if you Mac is running macOS Catalina.

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