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Microsoft's Cortana app for iOS & Android will be discontinued in January 2020

Microsoft Cortana
Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft is removing the assistant from iOS and Android in the new year

It has been announced that Microsoft is killing off the iOS and Android version of the Cortana app in January 2020 next year.

Cortana is Microsoft's digital AI voice assistant, a little like Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa and Bixby from Samsung. Cortana was first launched on iOS and Android back in December 2015.

The Cortana app for iOS and Android will be disappearing from the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, although more may be added to the list soon.

Support for the application will end on January 31st 2020 and functions in the app will no longer work. In the US, though, the app will still be alive and working but we don't know if it'll be killed off soon after January 31st, or if it'll live around for even longer.

On Microsoft's support page for the removal of Cortana, it mentions the app will also be removed from Microsoft Launcher on Android and an updated version will be rolled out to remove the app from it altogether.

You can read the full support article regarding the removal of Microsoft's Cortana app for iOS and Android here.

Cortana voice assistant is still available on Windows 10 PCs, laptops, desktops and tablets and there are no plans for it to go anywhere anytime soon.

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