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New Samsung Galaxy Buds could have better battery life

New Galaxy Buds from Samsung could be on the way

Brand new hardware could be on the way very soon from Samsung, in the shape of some new Galaxy Buds. These are Samsung's answer to wireless earphones.

Reported by Droid Life and The Verge, the new Galaxy Buds could have a bigger battery life than the first generation ones currently on sale at the moment.

Filings have been sent off to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) which indicate, from a diagram that may appear on the bottom of the wireless charging case with the FCC logo (the current one does), a bigger battery life for both the wireless charging case and both the earbuds themselves.

The case itself could have a 600mA battery and each earbud could have the capacity of a 300mA battery inside. If these findings are true, this could mean a small improvement for the charging case and up to triple the battery life for each of the powerful, small buds.

The Galaxy Buds that are on the market now have a brilliant battery life anyway. The Galaxy Buds advertised at seven hours for the case and six hours for the buds. These were different to the filings as the stated to be higher than the actual product on sale now.

At the moment, we have little information about the cost of the new Galaxy Buds, when they will be released or even what they'll end up looking like as the finished product. We will, of course, have all the latest on the new Galaxy Buds as new information starts to come to light.

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