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Second gen Apple AirPods sport new wireless charging case and have Siri built-in

Apple AirPods

Apple's second generation AirPods are now available and have Siri built-in

The AirPods are Apple's answer to the wireless earphone market. When they launched, there were various memes and jokes all over the internet about what they look like, but it's safe to say they've taken off and have gained a following.

'Hey Siri'

Siri has finally arrived to the AirPods, after it didn't appear on the first version. This means you have the ability to activate the voice assistant hands free, without having to press any buttons, just by saying: "Hey Siri".

The 'Hey Siri' is very easy to setup, thanks to the simple pairing process between iPhone and AirPods. AirPods also work with Apple Watch, iPad and Mac.

Wireless charging

The wireless charging case is here and will certainly take on the likes of the Galaxy Buds from Samsung, as they too, support wireless charging of both the earphones and the case.

In order to make the case and AirPods charge wirelessly, just lay them to rest on a Qi-compatible charging mat - Apple sell a few on their website, both in the UK and US, You still have the option to charge the case with a Lightning cable and plug it into the case.

Price wise, you're looking at paying £199 for AirPods with Wireless Charging Case. You can buy the Wireless Charging Case separately, costing £79.

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