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Spotify now supports multitasking on iPad after app update

Spotify now supports multitasking on iPad in new app update | Spotify Logo
Spotify now supports multitasking on iPad in new app update

Spotify finally has the feature we've all been waiting for

The feature that everyone has been wanting has finally arrived on the Spotify app on iPad! With the new updated Spotify app, you'll now be able to use the multitasking features available on the iPad.

The multitasking features on the new iPads are: Split View and Slide Over.

We have tested this on some iPads and updated the app via the App Store and we're very grateful these multitasking features have been added. In the new release notes, it only mentions that there have been bug fixes - nothing about about the new multitasking features.

Anyone that has the updated app can use the new multitasking features that are now in the Spotify app. This means you don't have to always have to open Spotify to fill the whole screen just to change or search for a song, and you won't have to make do with pulling down for the music area on Action Centre.

It will start as the Side Over View - and this is when Spotify will sit on top of the app you're currently on, Mail, for example - you can change it to the Split View mode by dragging the top of Spotify app to the top of your iPad's screen.

If you haven't already, go and update the Spotify app!

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