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Vodafone network is down across Europe

Customers of the Vodafone network are reporting issues with not being able to use 4G data and are unable to make calls

Users of the Vodafone network have reported not being able to use Vodafone broadband services and 4G has also not been working for those across Europe.

Reports from website Down Detector show Vodafone being right across Europe and some parts of Ireland too. Their heat map shows that the UK, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Germany are affected by the outage.

Both the Vodafone UK and Vodafone Ireland Twitter accounts are full of tweets from customers stating they're unable to access 4G services and broadband services that Vodafone offer. Vodafone's response states they have engineers on the case and are working to resolve the outages as soon as possible.

This huge Vodafone outage is expected to have started just after lunch today, at 14:00 BST time.

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