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YouTube Music gets personalised playlists

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YouTube Music

It's getting a little bit like Spotify

YouTube Music is a streaming service by YouTube, which is owned by technology and search engine giant, Google.

The YouTube Music app now offers personalised playlists, a little bit like the ones that music streaming service, Spotify, offers.

YouTube Music now offers three personalised playlists that users can pick from: Your Mix (which has always been available), New Release Mix and the new Discover Mix which is a little bit like the Discover Weekly playlist that Spotify offers to both free and paying customers.

You can find all of the playlists that YouTube Music offers on both the app for Android and iOS as well as on the desktop player for web. Just look for the 'Mixed For You' area.

What are the different playlists?

Your Mix

Your Mix is just like a playlist of all the songs you like and have been listening to recently. The songs keep shuffling every time you visit the playlist and it feels like it has the personal touch when checking t out. It'll keep updating with the songs you're listening to and remove the songs from the playlist that you don't listen to anymore.

New Release Mix

This playlist is the place to come to check out all of the latest and new music released by the artists and bands that you love. Of course, the boffins behind YouTube Music will pop a few recommended tunes in there for you to listen to. The great thing about the New Release Mix playlist is that it'll constantly be updating all the time as new tracks are released, and not just on a specific day.

Discover Mix

This playlist will provide you with a dose of artists you have never ever heard of before as well as bring some of the lesser-known tracks from the artists you love and are interested in. Discover Mix playlist will update every Wednesday (a nice mid-week treat for you there) and will have a maximum of 50 tracks in it.

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